"Gene Kim" is an entrepreneur, author, and thought leader of DevOps[1].

Gene Kim is a researcher and author focused on IT operations and information security, and more recently on DevOps [[1]]. He wrote the original version of the open source tool Tripwire [[2]] in 1992 with Dr. Gene Spafford [[3]]. He commercialized the technology by co-founding Tripwire, Inc [[4]] in 1997 with Wyatt Starnes. Since 1999, Gene has been capturing and codifying how "best in class" organizations have IT operations, security, audit, management, and governance working together to solve common business objectives. This was codified in 2004, he co-wrote the Visible Ops Handbook[2] , showing how IT organizations successfully transformed from good to great. Gene was named as a 2007 Outstanding Alumnus by Purdue CS[3].

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