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Gen Next is an executive membership company designed to focus on generational issues. Their key points of interest are economic growth, education, and international security.


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Gen Next, established in 2008, is an invitation-only organization with members across the country. They have full-time operations in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and Arizona.

To become a member, one must be nominated by two members, and then voted in by a respective regional board. Once achieving membership, an annual $10,000 donation to Gen Next is required. Members receive a variety of benefits including invitations to exclusive programs, opportunities for dialogue with other highly successful individuals, and chances to work on Gen Next specific projects. Gen Next programs provide members access to prominent speakers that will challenge them in creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

Gen Next was started by Paul Makarechian and several other Members, including Todd Rustman, Roman Tsunder, Chris Winn, and Bob Etebar. In 2003-4, those individuals started a Political Action Committee called Gen Next PAC. In late 2005 they hired Michael Davidson as their first full-time person dedicated to growing and building their efforts. Eventually, they and others formed Gen Next.


A National Board of Directors and a professional team develop and execute the organization's overall strategic plan. The professional team includes a Regional Director for each Gen Next region, a Program Director, an Associate Director, and a Director of Special projects and the CEO. The National Board of Directors is composed of:

• DJ Burke - Board Member

• Bob Etebar - Founder and Board Member

• Chad Horning - Board Member

• Ali Jahangiri - Founder and Board Member

• Paul Makarechian - Founder and Chairman

• Todd Rustman - Founder and Board Member

• Travis Trask - Board Member

• Yuri Vanetik - Board Member

• Alex Bhathal

There are four Regional Boards that manage and execute regional strategies and maximize the experience of Gen Next. Arizona is still a market in development and has therefore not yet been named in chapter. The four Regional Board chairmen are:

• Los Angeles

P Jacob Yadegar

• Orange County

Shawn Baldwin

• San Diego

Micha Mikailian

• Seattle

Todd Marker

The Gen Next Foundation

The Gen Next Foundation (GNF) is a 501(c)3 organization that works with Gen Next. GNF utilizes venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship strategies for economic and societal impact. Through GNF, Gen Next Members and supporters of Gen Next have an outlet to dedicate philanthropic resources—dollars, expertise, services, and more—for maximum social and generational impact.

Gen Equity

Gen Equity is a family of Political Action Committees associated with Gen Next. Gen Next is a nonpartisan organization, and the Gen Equity PACs support various issues and candidates based upon their stances on the three issues of Gen Next—economic growth, education, and international security.

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