according to the legend Gavin Farrell wasn't born....he was made, by the GAA gods themselves. on the third day Geezer came down from the heavens and baptised him in the river Leer in Carlow. But a mighty wind came and blew the crib to the village of Castledermot. His parents tried to raise him as a normal boy but deep down Ted knew he was special, he knew he was destined for greater things.from the moment he was born his star potential shone through and his identity was kept a secret from the outside world. Gavin has strong hurling heritage, coming from the hurling stronghold of Carlow. One night as he lay asleep geezer appeared to him in his dream and said "you must set your peeople free, you win the Leinster title. From that day he knew his destiny for it was written in the stars.

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