Gary Reid was born November 5, 1990 in Midland, Texas to parents Mike and Donna Reid. Reid has also been called "The Phantom" due to his mysterious nature.

Reid is mostly known for his music, although it is rumored a documentary is to be released starring Reid and other under the radar indie musicians. Reid toured with major christian bands during 2009-2011. After graduating high school Reid met Case Maranville of the Christian band VOTA. Maranville introduced Reid to the music industry and the two spent time touring the United States together.

On stage Reid has the ability to make crowds laugh or cry. Bryan Olesen (former Newsboys guitarist) complimented Reid explaining how easy it was to take the stage after an act like Reid because of his ability to warm up the audience. In April of 2010 it was reported that Reid suffered a panic attack on stage during a festival in Muskegon, Michigan. Reid later confirmed he did suffer a panic attack and had been suffering from panic attacks since he was in high school.

Summer of 2011 Reid decided to focus more on ministry and embarked on "The Extreme Tour" the tour started in Columbia, Missouri and ended in California. Reid described the tour as bitter sweet. He reported he made almost no money but grew spiritually.

Reid has always called his fans "mysterious and phantom like" In an interview with an Arizona radio station Reid explained "I almost think my fans are embrassed to admit they like me. I guess I don't blame them, my own parents aren't even on to my success."

In the winter of 2011 Reid announced in Boise, Idaho that he was having major struggles with alcohol and was leaving music to spend time with his family in Wyoming. It has been confirmed by Reid that he will be touring in the spring of 2013 and releasing a new album. He has also stated on his personal Facebook page that he no longer drinks. Reid currently resides in Nashville Tennessee but as always is mysterious with whats next on his agenda.

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