Garett Hayden (1995- )

Garett James Hayden is the son of James Frances Hayden, and Tami Sue Dolgner. He was born on July 14, 1995, in the city of Beloit, Wisconsin. There he lived with is two year older sister Selena Marie Hayden. Here he lived for four years before the divorce of his parents. After his mother won custody of both him and his sister. Years later his father then visited him at his day care, his legal visits, and finally like a regular person on the street. Garett was then moved to a small town of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. There he went to Jefferson school, where he was held back in kindergarten for his mental disability, known as dyslexia. After finishing his 1st grade, his mother moved them out into the country where they could go to Jefferson, and make her commute to work faster. Garett's mother, being single, then met Tom Whising. A man who owned a house over by Fox Lake by the lake. Here Tami and her children decided to visit every so often. After loosing the second house in Beaver Dam, Tom helped Tami and her children to a little city call Markesan, Wisconsin. Here Tom and Tami went there separate ways. Garett entered Markesan Elementary School at second grade, and his sister in her fifth year. Here Garett attended Special Ed classes.

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