Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity, also commonly known as Gammahouse, is a men's fraternal organization founded on October 2, 1963. It is an autonomous, non-IFC/NIC fraternity that operates on a regional-local rather than college-local operational plan. Gamma Beta Lambda operates in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Founding philosophy

Gamma Beta Lambda tradition began as a ‘secret’ society of postgraduate college and university men. Its founding philosophy was simple: To provide a secure and supportive network environment to a group of honorable gentlemen.

Originally a blending of ideals from its Aboriginal and European-Canadian founders, Gamma Beta Lambda promoted a "Fraternity with a difference" philosophy right from the start. Gammahouse's Founders relied little on the traditional college fraternity model, and instead focused on the needs of "warrior scholars" in a "real world" environment.


Gamma Beta Lambda seeks men from a variety of cultural, spiritual and academic backgrounds. The fraternity has never discriminated against potential brothers based on race, religion, culture or sexual orientation. Gammahouse considers men of all ages and walks of life -- including non-traditional, part time and even non college men. Gamma Beta Lambda does not focus on any particular philanthropy, preferring to serve its own membership.

Present day

By the 1970s, Gamma Beta Lambda had shed much of its secret society image, but it was not until the end of the 20th Century that members began to be recruited from several Vancouver college campuses. However, Gammahouse remains primarily an "off campus" fraternity.

Gammahouse Facts

  • Fraternity Type: Men's Social Fraternity
  • Founded: October 2, 1963
  • Organization: Regional-Local
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Motto: "Semper Vigilans"
  • colors: Black & Gold
  • Symbol: Grizzly Bear Skull and Crossed Hammers
  • Flower: Black Rose

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