GPSTravelMaps is a GPS map company featuring turn-by-turn navigation for emerging markets on the Garmin platform. It currently offers maps for Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Indian Ocean, Oceania, Middle East as well as various regional map bundles.

Overview was established in 2006. The initial concept came earlier, though, when Aaron, the company founder, was traveling through Central America. During the course of the trips, it became apparent that the GPS device that he was using was nice to have in order to see the coordinates of where he was at and to get a vague concept of where he was in relation to roads, cities, ruins, and geocaches. However, the basemap inside the GPS was essentially worthless. After returning from that trip, Aaron moved to Cape Town, South Africa where once again the map inside the unit was nothing more than a beige background. He began tinkering with different GIS data and developing a local scale map of Cape Town for his own use. After some testing and extensive on-the-ground use of this map, he offered it to others online to gauge the demand for such a product. In January 2007, opened the website with corresponding webstore to offer these maps for other travelers to use while visiting a particular place. In 2009, Michael joined the management team and assisted in the expansion of the company. His interest in offering maps similar to what was working towards came through his experiences traveling in Costa Rica and the frustration that he experienced navigating in the rural sections of Costa Rica. The demand has been high, with the website expanding its map selection and an ever increasing number of GPS users who have found the detail of the maps offered on to be of exceptional value for their own travels., Inc., Inc. was founded in 2006 by Aaron Young. In January 2010 Michael Burr joined as a managing partner. In January 2012, GPSTravelMaps was purchased by Kaart Data LLC for an undisclosed amount. Kaart Data is the parent company to GPSTravelMaps.

Data is an authorized licensee of Kaart Data LLC, offering map data for many parts of the world. Kaart Data specializes in creating and maintaining map data for countries traditionally not mapped by the larger corporations, such as Central America and the Caribbean. Kaart Data maintains a network of travelers and local residents in many of the countries that assist us to understand the changing conditions of the roads and improve upon point of interest locations. staff have also traveled extensively through most of Central America and many of the islands in the Caribbean to assist in the verification of map accuracy and to establish relationships with locals. Through these means, provides the best GPS maps and selection available in the marketplace today.

Staff is based in Grand Junction, Colorado nestled in a valley surrounded by high mountain peaks, national parks, forests and an assortment of world-class recreation activities. The majority of our staff is located in Grand Junction, however we have staff working remotely in New Jersey, Utah and Guatemala.


The company has been self sustaining and does not rely on outside funding for it's operations.


GPSTravelMaps offers it's maps for personal use. Commercial licenses are available upon request for fleet management, taxi and tour guides under individual licenses.


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