Gérard Gertoux (born 1955) graduated from the Grenoble Institute of Technology with a degree in Engineering[1]. He has taught in the French Secondary Education system since 1985. His keen interest in ancient history and archaeology led him to study the Biblical languages, that is, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. This, in turn, led him to intensive research in determining the correct Hebrew language pronunciation of the name of God called the Tetragrammaton.

Research on the divine name

Various scholars have appreciated the scope and quality of his thesis on the correct pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton, especially Jean Bottéro a French Assyriologist and renowned expert on the Ancient Near East[2], Professor Shelomo Morag[3] at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Professor (emeritus) Edward J. Revell[4] at the University of Toronto. André Chouraqui, known for his French translation of the Bible, referenced Gertoux's work in his book on Moses[5].

Professor George Wesley Buchanan, editor of the Mellen Biblical Commentary expressed his hope that this thesis can be published[6]. The French publisher L'Harmattan agreed to publish at the publisher's own expense Gertoux's work on the history of the divine name and include it in a series of books on Religion and the Social Sciences, sponsored by two directors who are specialists in the fields of religion and the history of world religions[7].

Once Gertoux's research was completed on the divine name it was published in English by The University Press of America under the title The Name of God Y.eH.oW.aH which is Pronounced as it is Written I_Eh_oU _Ah: Its Story[8]. Commenting on this exhaustive work, The Religious Studies Review states: "This detailed treatment of the Name is useful for those who are interested in the history of its translation over the centuries[9]."

Thesis on synchronyzed chronology

Another passion of Gertoux centers on developing an absolute chronology using both science and history, especially through synchronisms dated by astronomy. In this context he now holds a Master's degree in Research on Archaeology and History of the Ancient World[10] from the Lumière University Lyon 2. Next, in order to obtain a Doctorate degree, he prepared a thesis on the use of historical synchronicities dated by the science of Astronomy for absolute dates[11]. However, his doctoral attempt was challenged. According to a report in Freedom of Conscience[12], his research director and a jury of six were ready to review his dissertation and a date was set for late 2007. Following a letter sent to each member informing them that Gerard Gertoux is a member of the religious group called Jehovah's Witnesses, his Ph.D. defense was cancelled by the university.

At this point, he tried to transfer his thesis to the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales but a report from Freedom of Conscience noted that this university also refused: "Even though he received the agreement of a research director of L'INALCO, and two of his original jurors agreed to serve on his jury there, he was not accepted[13]."

Outside of France, scholars have expressed interest in his work. For example, he was invited to an international conference on Archaeologie and History at the University of Edinburgh in October 2011 to present his discoveries on the achaemenid King Darius[14].


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