(FML) Fuzzy Markup Language
Developed by Giovanni Acampora
Type of format Markup language
Extended from XML

IEEE Standards Association (work in progress)

Fuzzy Markup Language (FML) is a specific purpose markup language based on XML, used for describing the structure and behavior of a fuzzy system independently of the hardware architecture devoted to host and run it.


FML was designed and developed by Giovanni Acampora during his Ph.D. course in Computer Science, under the supervision of Prof. Vincenzo Loia, at University of Salerno, Italy, in 2004. The original idea inspired Giovanni Acampora to create FML was the necessity of creating a cooperative fuzzy-based framework aimed at automatically controlling a living environment characterized by a plethora of heterogeneous devices whose interactions were devoted to maximize the human comfort under energy saving constraints. This framework represented one of the first concrete examples of Ambient Intelligence. Beyond this pioneering application, the major advantage of using XML to describe a fuzzy system is hardware/software interoperability. Indeed, all that is needed to read an FML file is the appropriate schema for that file, and an FML parser. This markup approach makes it much easier to exchange fuzzy systems between software: for example, a machine learning application could extract fuzzy rules which could then be read directly into a fuzzy inference engine or uploaded into a fuzzy controller. Also, with technologies like XSLT, it is possible to compile the FML into the programming language of your choice, ready for embedding into whatever application you please. As stated by Mike Watts on his popular Computational Intelligence blog:[1]

"I would much rather have used something like FML for my work."


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