FusionLeaf Studio is a software bundle for Windows enabling PHP and MySQL development on a desktop or server with no installation required. The package includes preconfigured tools which can setup a web server in 30 seconds.[1]

The packages includes an Nginx server, a MySQL database, and the PHP extension. Once extracted, the user's web browser can be opened to localhost (also known as to view a test page.[2]

FusionLeaf Studio includes a graphical user interface which can easily configure load balancing through Nginx.[3] The package also monitors Nginx threads to ensure the web server continues to respond to HTTP requests. Once an Nginx thread dies, FusionLeaf Studio automatically starts a new thread.[4]

Main features

  • Includes MySQL, Nginx, and PHP in a 13 megabyte package[5]
  • Sets up a scalable web server instantly
  • Includes dynamic configurations
  • Simple load balancing built-in

FusionLeaf Studio versions

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