About Fryday

Fryday is largest cosmopolitan social mingle community. Fryday members meet at nice bars of the city every second Friday or so and mingle, laugh and have a generally good time while enjoying nice beverages. The mission of the events is to bring people together so that they can meet new people as well as hang out with old friends.


Fryday Kyiv was created by three Swedish nationals living in Kyiv: Gustav Hultgren, Ulrika Kerje & Anders Östlund The idea of Fryday comes from the Stockholm style after work mingles. The first event was on April 21st 2010 with 17 guests in Kyiv. Today the events are frequented by more than 500 people.


There are two concepts of Fryday. Regular Fryday and Fryday W. Regular Fryday is usually hold on Fridays, gathers around 500 guests each time, the entrance to regular Fryday is free of charge. The second concept is Fryday W, which is held on week days, and is a bit more professional and topical. There is usually as speaker at the event and amount of coming quests is around 150 people. The entrance to Fryday W is 100 UAH/person.

Fryday Branches

The biggest Fryday community is in Kyiv, where the roots of the Fryday movement take place. The first event in Kyiv was in April 17th, and since then there were 33 events in 23 top venues of Kyiv. In September 2011 Fryday started to hold the events in Almaty (Kazakhstan), following by Tbilisi (Georgia) in January and Astana (Kazakhstan) in March 2012. Among other Ukrainian cities who has Fryday community are Kharkiv (since March 2012) and Dnipropetrovsk (since April 2012).

Fryday in media

Visit the page of Fryday web-site, with media coverage

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