From Georgia 2 Maine

Throughout the years, the 4 members of From Georgia 2 Maine, (Ty Verwey, Alek Major, Zak Ivory, and Larry Liero) have played in some bands together, some played somewhere else. But thats the past. In January of 2012, FG2M was reborn, and something so intense, yet so majestic at the same time was introduced to the great power of the music world and the 4 mashed together and instantly clicked with one another. Each member brings something different to the table and well they wouldn’t have it any other way. Anyway, as soon as they started they knew that they had to get themselves out there and start playing shows again. After about a month, the group racked up a 5 song set list, and 2 shows to start off with. Both went great, and the members then knew they were ready to fuck shit up. Since then they have been consistently writing new music and grabbing shows and will continue to do so until there dieing days. check out their Facebook, Reverbnation, Tumblr, Twitter, and make sure to vote for them to play at warped tour!

FG2M Twice The Life02:53

FG2M Twice The Life.vob

Hooked From The Start03:44

Hooked From The

FG2M at work02:57

FG2M at work

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