Friendzdiary is a [media networking service] launched in December 2012, owned and operated by Saunnie Systems, LLC. The site works on an adaptive theme which was designed using the elgg platform and can work on any device so users have an option of using varied devices to access the site.

Type of site [media networking service]
Registration Required (Twitter Log on)
Available language(s) Multilingual (4)
[[1]] growing (active December 2012)
Written in [[2]] and [[3]]
Owner Saunnie Systems, LLC
Created by
  • Gbolade Emmanuel
  • Shaibu Ekele
  • Kevin okoli
  • David amobi
  • James Obodo Hopewell
Launched 1st December, 2012
Current status Active

Friendzdiary was founded by Gbolade Emmanuel with his University roommates and fellow University of Lagos students Shaibu Ekele, Kevin okoli, David amobi and James Obodo Hopewell. The website's was initially designed to serve as a social diary for connecting people alone but later added extra features to accommodate social bookmarking and real-time news updates. In January 2013 friendzdiary officially went live under the management of Saunnie systems LLC. The name friendzdiary was gotten from the two word syllable “friends” and “diary” meaning a diary of friends who connect to each other, share experiences and happening around their environment. Anyone above the age of 10 can have a friendzdiary, the diary is meant not only to connect but to also send out real-time updates to other social networks.


Main articles: History of friendzdiary and Diary of friendzdiary Gbolade Emmanuel has always been a social network designer exploring various tools to create a perfect network of reaching friends on simple platforms. He designed vieplay (which was shut down due to lack of funds) and zio-net (Now friendzdiary search+), the predecessors to Friendzdiary, on July 8 and July 9, 2012, while attending University of Lagos as a 300 level student. According to his friends, the sites were comparable to YouTube and search engines. Vieplay was a video sharing site while zio-net was a multi-search engine where by students search for search words on any search engine of their choice.

In other to accomplish this Gbolade met Kevin okoli an entrepreneur (owner of ping connect) who funded the acquisition of the multi-search script from an online dealer. Gbolade then converted it into a search script suitable for what he had in mind, though with little knowledge of coding then he managed to alter some of the major css style sheet and html codes in other to develop zio-net. After this he also used the open source script called clip-bucket and turned it into vieplay after much code alteration and design without altering the major copyrighted codes. He then acquired the domain names; and for $7 dollars each from arvixe hosting services for the first month in order to test run the sites. Zio-net was a success but vieplay failed as he hadn’t much money then to continue the payment of both websites so he let go of vieplay and continued his search for a better site which he had in mind but hadn’t found the right platform to express it. After this period of failed designs Gbolade met another web developer, a physics student of the same university (Okoilu Prudence founder Hipingg - a photo sharing webste) and they rubbed minds in which Gbolade thought of a new idea and decided to explore it. The following semester, Gbolade began his search for a better platform and he stumbled upon social go and elgg, social go was promising but elgg passed all the requirements he needed but it meant he had to start from scratch and host the website himself. Although he had paid for the domain earlier, he hadn’t fixed any script; he just left it dormant and used it to test his designs online. In August he started the website which he called “friendzdiary” but this time he wasn’t doing it alone he worked on it with his roommate Shaibu who was then a 300 level student of engineering. Elgg at first was a complex platform for him because it was in php and most of his codings previously were in HTML but he cracked it and started designing, he designed the site over 20 times after several series of site crash, until he mastered the platform in October. During that period he met the founders of Lagbook chidi and chika (a Nigerian social network which had its roots in the facebook design style), they gave him a couple of advice on css design which he explored and found useful. In November 2012, friendzdiary went online but not live, some finishing touches still had to be made and he was still lacking in funds. He met David also a student who decided to sponsor the site by giving him $191 (N30000) which he used to cover some expenses. December 2012 came, friendzdiary went live but this was to determine the strength of the website, because thereafter in January 2013 the website would be starting officially. Friendzdiary launched search+ which was just the recreation of zio-net and added new features to the site within the same month. In January, 2013, Saunnie systems, LLC officially announced that its acquisition of friendzdiary was a 40% share value. Saunnie systems purchase included rights to redesign friendzdiary and add extra features like live flash chat and also add the classfield plugin “market” for free market ads. Also a redesign to friendzdiary adaptive theme was made incorporating bookmark and social share features. Due to this social share and bookmarking feature friendzdiary was converted from just being predominantly a social network to becoming a social bookmarking and real-time news sharing media site, whereby all feeds on friendzdiary and pages on any website can be bookmarked instantly using the friendzdiary toolbar plugin bookmarklet and shared to other social networks.


Main articles: friendzdiary features and friendzdiary Platform

User profile and background

Users can create profiles with photos, change profile background, lists of biography, contact information, and other personal information. Users can communicate with friends and other users through private or public messages and through a feature called the wire feature. They can also create and join interest groups and "like or dislike pages and contents" some of which are maintained by individuals and organizations as a means of advertising. Friendzdiary users can wire posts change their profile widgets and add new widgets and below each profile picture is a plugin that enables users to add friends and manage setting easily from anywhere in their page (courtesy elgg, galli and phloor teams).

Privacy settings

To allay concerns about privacy, Friendzdiary enables users to choose their own privacy settings on any post and content within their diary, also to choose who can see specific parts of their profile. The website is free to users, and generates revenue from advertising, such as banner ads. Friendzdiary requires a user's name, profile background picture and profile picture (if applicable) to be accessible by everyone. Users can control who sees other information they have shared, through their privacy settings

Comparison with Twitter

Friendzdiary is often compared to twitter locally, but one significant difference between the two Web sites is the level of customization. Another difference is friendzdiary’s bookmarking system and diary features that which twitter doesn’t offer. Twitter allows users to decorate their entire profile and acccount using [[4]] and [Style Sheets (CSS)], while friendzdiary allows only decoration of profile page background. Friendzdiary has a number of features with which users interact. They include the Wire, a space on every user's diary that allows friends to post real-time messages for the user to see Pages, which allows users to post messages and edit them using a live MS word designed editor and also create sub chapters of this pages; File, where users can upload photos, zip folders, mp3, ms doc, ppx, excel and pdfs and still be able to read this documents, rate them and download them from any device; Search+ which enables users to search various search engines all at once and Status, which allows users to inform friends if they are online or not. Depending on privacy settings, anyone who can see a user's profile can also view that user's diary.


The Wire which appears on every user's diary allows users to send real-time updates to friends, reply them instantly and also create a thread of communication to show users their wired feeds. This aspect of a users diary is integrated also to the users activity diary desk but here it is limited to only posting but user cannot reply here or view thread but can only like or dislike a wired post. Every wired post made on the activity page immediately updates on the users wire stream so this enables user to still connect while yet on the activity age.

Activity Desk

The activity desk is the navigation/dashboard of a users diary. Several features are active here such as; users panel (profile picture and profile navigation by the right); Tag cloud which enables users to open any content based on tags made on that specific content; featured groups; online groups; notification bar; messages; settings; ads conner; bookmarks; pages; files and a varied of other navigation links. The wire is also integarated into the activity page allowing users to like, dislike and view updated contents all around the site. The page also allows user feedback which hangs by the right of the page. Contents stream automatically unfolds as users scroll down a page and when a user is down the page all they need to do is click the scroll up button and the page slides back upwards automatically. This reduces the stress of scrolling.


The bookmark feature enables user to bookmark page and website contents or upload Rss feeds from other websites. The bookmark section provides a tool bar plugin which is called bookmarklet, it is dragged to the user’s computer browser toolbar and when any website page is open all the user needs to do is to click on that plugin and the page is bookmarked instantly to the users online media diary on friendzdiary.


The friendzdiary "Usernames" feature, enables users pages to be linked with simpler URLs such as instead of[100] Mobile phones which use the HTML5 software can access friendzdiary mobile dynamic website on a better platform or other mobile can use the software operamini for btter views, but still normal phones users can still access the site but the view would not be appreciated than when an HTML5 or smart phone is used.


Users can create a book page and write any content he or she wants but this is different from blog because such users can create a sub page of that specific content he or she has added. This is the very heart of friendzdiary because it represents the Pages of a diary.


The subscribe button is only available on user content pages such as diary pages. This feature enables users to follow contents and receive mail update and notification updates on that section of the a users diary i.e. whatever the user posts on that section he or she receives and updates both to his mail and diary notification area.

Social share

Social share plugin and toolbar enables users to share contents with other social networks. This initially was done using shareaholic but the plugin prevented users from accessing parts of the user’s diary areas such as comment and reply buttons. Therefore the toolbar and add share plugin was introduced to replace shareaholic.


Friendzdiary allow users to change their privacy level on each content thanks to elgg core developers. This feature prevent unwelcome users to view specific pages. Friendzdiary uses a feature called galli bad words filter to prevent certain word from being seen in the diary page and according to its privacy policy if a user has too many of this badwords or user content such user would be banned or ultimately deleted.

Technical aspects

Friendzdiary is built in PHP (elgg) which is compiled with gallicache for PHP, a source code transformer built by galli team engineers that turns PHP into static pages. The use of galli cache reduces the average CPU consumption on friendzdiary (arvixe) servers considerably.

Like and Dislike button

The like and dislike button is a feature within each users diary, that allows users to express their appreciation and discontent of content such as status updates, comments, photos, and advertisements.

Elgg and Friendzdiary

Elgg is the core platform which friendzdiary is built upon. Built by elgg core developers, elgg systems and codes are what make up the most parts of friendzdiary admits all other codes and plugin. Friendzdiary is one of many websites that are built on elgg software. Designed by an American company elgg is one of the top leading open source softwares and has been on top of the open source chart for many years now.

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