Friday Night Live (FNL) is a comedy sketch show held once a year at the University of Utah.

FNL is organized by students at the University of Utah in association with UPC. The students write and perform original comedy skits which they perform once a year in front of a live audience.

FNL began in the spring of 2004 sponsored by the Union Programming Council Arts and Special Events Board and has been held annually ever since. It is almost always held on a Friday, the only exception being 2008, when due to cast changes and time constraints the event had to be scheduled on a Wednesday. Even though it is a staged production, FNL is outside the theater program and most of the cast members are not actors.

The structure, style and name of the show is based on NBC's Saturday Night Live. Similar to SNL, FNL is broken up into several skits, a live band during intermission, a weekend update (FNL edition), and commercial segments in between live skits.

Notable cast members and crew

  • 2007 cast: Ana Breton, Brian Van Le, Jordan Monk, Lindsey Sine, Chase Clyde, Luiza Franca, Jon Hayes.
  • 2008 cast: Ziv Ablonik, Alex Beatty, Catlin Bean, Kate Kelly, Max Trifan, Connie Yang, Jon

Hayes, Erin Barlow, Georgiy Oganov.


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