Fred West Ham

Fred West Ham are a professional football club situated in Gloucester. They play their home games at Plock Court on sunday evenings after work.

They are a world class team who currently sit in top position in their respected division, after a total of three wins, a draw and a loss. They have scored a grand total of 26 goals in 5 games.

They were founded in May 2012 and after a slow start of 20 losses in a row, have made key adjustments on a relatively small budget to become such a force teams fear tremendously.

The club almost fell into administration in September 2012, after key players, notably George and Will had to leave the club to go back to university.

Fred West Ham have a tremendous transfer policy and have done well to get rid of deadwood, mainly being Alex, and losing other key players, such as James, to finally getting a job.

Current Squad

Adam Nathan Jake Dan Guy Jack

Notable former players

Josh Stephan James George Dave S Dave N Wills brother Will Jacks friend Sal Random stranger from Help the Aged Random stranger from Shambles FC Ala Dans friend Chris Alex

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