Fred NICE (deleted 02 Sep 2008 at 16:17)
Birthdate (1975-02-25) February 25, 1975 (age 43)
Birth location Atlanta
Birth Name

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Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)[1]
Eye color
Hair color
Ethnicity Black
Alias(es) fred NICE, ManDingo

The fred NICE brand is a creation from ManDingo (porn star).

Frederick Lamont (born February 25, 1975), better known by his stage name ManDingo, is an American adult film actor / producer / director / stylist. He currently has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

He grew up in the Carson/Torrance area of Los Angeles, California and is a single parent. He did not choose his name based ont he movie ''ManDingo'' but rather because is was given to him as a nickname in college.

Fred is known for being well endowed. He is reported to have more than twice the average size. He is regarded by many to be, the biggest among current prolific porn actors.

He started to appear in porn movies in 1999. Booty Talk #9, through West Coast Productions, which starred himself along with 2 newcomers, is where he stated, was his inspiration to become a porn star.

His first major scene was a Video Team production, My Baby Got BAck #30, starring Obsession and Byron Long. One of his stated, most memorable, as it was released on cable.

Later, He starred primarily in group scenes, often teamed with Mr. Marcus, Wesley Pipes, and Lexington Steele.

In 2002, He launched his own series called "ManDingo". These releases from West Coast Productions went from "ManDingo I" to "ManDingo X", and were directed by him. Every movie featured four hot girls, one from each ethnice group.

In 2003, ManDingo focused on interracial pornography, or what he calls multiracial pornography.

In 2005, He completed a project called "ManDingo's (White, Black, Latin, or Asian) Pretty Girls". This project continued from where the "ManDingo" series left off, hot girls of every race; only instead, each title focused on an individual ethnic group entirely.

In 2007, ManDingo created fred NICE. fred NICE is a re-creation of ManDingo's inner self Frederick Lamont; the creator of ManDingo (porn star). Together, Frederick Lamont and ManDingo (porn star) bring to you what is known as fred NICE.

References to "ManDingo", either to the porn actor or to the movie fiture, can be found in the Ludacris song Coming 2 America ("But I'm the light-skinned version of ManDingo..."). Another reference in song can be found in LL Cool J's "Doin irt.", where a female vocalist states, "...I need a ManDingo to get taht from the back...". In the Wayans Bros produced film, "White Chicks", another reference to ManDingo where they ask a colleague if he thinks he's ManDingo. A reference to ManDingo was also in the movie "Hitch", starring Will Smith & Kevin James.

In 2008, legendary rapper, LL Cool J's new song, "Your Baby", lyrics include, "...she want to ride Mandingo!"

Currently, fred NICE creator, ManDingo resides in Atlanta with former porn star Mya Lovely.


  1. IAFD lists his height as 5'7" while IMDB lists his height as 6'.
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