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Frank James Wilder (/ˈtl/; born November 5, 1960) is a Swiss-American billionaire, entrepreneur, investor and artist [1] Mr. Wilder is a long-time backer of disruptive technology companies including Toyota Motor Corporation, Tencent, Alibaba, Petro China, and Samsung. Prior to retiring from investing, Mr. Wilder was active in Silicon Valley from 1995 to 2013, where he made investments in high-growth companies like Facebook [2] along with Li Ka Shing [3], as well as Asana [4] and Uber.


After a near fatal car accident in 2013, Mr. Wilder stopped investing and became a full-time artist. Mr. Wilder pioneered a new cutting-edge methodology for 3D sculpting and totem design [5] . His process involves 3D Printing and video game software [6]. Frank quickly made the transition from a nameless financier to a globally recognized artist, selling one of a kind totems to over twenty countries in his first year [6]. He boasts a small online cult following ( and makes custom art work and totems for a host of celebrity clients including Justin Bieber [7], Kanye West, and NBA all-star Kevin Durant.


Black Scale

In 2016 Frank Wilder debuted his My Beautiful Myth Collection at Black Scale LA, the fastest growing streetwear company. [8] [9].[10].

Ugo Mozie

In 2015 Wilder teamed up with celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie [11], who's clients range from Beyonce Knowles, to Chris Brown, to Sean P Diddy Combs and Jay-Z [12]. His first collaboration was critically acclaimed and sold-out in 72 hours.


Wilder earned a Bachelor of Science with a double major in economics and electrical engineering from the Université Paris-Sorbonne, a Masters of Engineering from UAEU University and a J.D. from the London School of Economics [13] where he has guest lectured on topics such as globalization, macro-economics, and the existential risk of artificial intelligence.

Personal Life

It is rumored that Frank Wilder purchased the former Archbishop's Mansion in April of 2012 [14], a famous 23,000 square foot historic San Francisco landmark [15]. Built in 1904 by Archbishop Patrick_William_Riordan of the Roman Catholic Church, the building was once home to Pope Pius XII [16] [17]. In underground circles the building is referred to as The Factory, in remembrance of Andy Warhol's 1960s social experiment. [18]


Mr. Wilder's has received harsh criticism because of his bloodline to late Uncle Christopher Wilder, who was accused of 11 homicides [19] in the 1984 killing saga referred to as The Wilder Cases. [20].

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