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Francisco Jesus Aldana is a philanthropreneur, writer, charity worker, filmmaker, cook, musician, and inventor. He writes short stories, fiction, plays, cooking books etc. He is the owner of Flyboyhalo Publishing, the Greensboro Food Bank and Teaching Kindness.

He was born in Houston Texas and reared in various parts in and around the city (the Allen Parkway/Buffalo Bayou area, the Kirby/River Oaks area, the 6th Ward, the West End, the "Rice Military" area, the Memorial Park area, the Washington Ave. corridor, the North Side/Crosstimbers-Irvington area, the South East Side/Telephone Rd area, and the Heights.) He was fatherless as a child. He was reared mainly as a Catholic and then as a Lutheran, Jejovah's Witness, Baptist and Mormon. His older brother, Alfredo Salvador Aldana was killed at 14 years of age when Francisco was 11 years old.

He attended Houston's historic Dow Elementary School at 1900 Kane St. in Houston's 6th Ward. He is a sportsperson and plays basketball, baseball and is also into biking and skateboarding. As a child and young adult, he lived in the African American portion of the West End north of Washington avenue between Yale and Shepard. Francisco lived on Eli Street which along with Patterson Street (a block away), was one of the worst hit areas as well as a market for Crack Cocaine, prostitution, criminality and police repression.

As a child, he was an avid reader and loved hip-hop. His mother (whom had been a widow) remarried when he was 13 years old. He attended James S. Hogg Middle School in the Heights during the the explosion of the urban youth gangster culture era that affected Houston in the 1990s.

Francisco used to "represent" his neighborhood the West End, by writing the neighborhood's name in and around school and the neighborhood with "Crippish" and "Folk Nation" insignia and mystic signs such as the Star or Shield of David. He started working when he was 16 years old to support his mother and baby brother after his step father was sent to prison for multiple DWIs. He loved hip-hop in high school (John H. Reagan High School) and sought to purchase music equipment to dj but his earnings were earmarked for sustaining the family.

He was a graffiti writer and wrote under the moniker KOG (the King Of Graffiti). He wrote for his high school newspaper while homeless, impoverished and suffering from malnutrition his senior year. Prior to being homeless, his mother had him arrested (he'd lost his job); he was smothered in bacon grease from the pan she beat him with. He was in the Peer Assistance Leadership and worked in community projects with youth, senior citizens and the poor.

He took his Bodhisattva's Vow after studying Buddhism in high school and became a communist when he was 19 years old. He went to film school at the university of texas in austin texas and dropped out a few years later because he felt it was too much of a hostile racist environment.

He has a daughter, a B.A. in history and a master in teaching. He was a carpenter in austin. He "rediscovered" Islam on February 18th, 2005. He is an advocate for peace and unity initiatives and believes in peaceful conflict resolution.

Francisco has studied religions since he was a child and loves Quakerism. He's lived in several continents such as Europe and Australia as a cook, student and writer. He taught history to middle and high school children. He attended law school at Elon University School of Law in Greensboro North Carolina. He is currently aspiring to become a healthy food products manufacturer and to become a philanthropist.

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