The Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception (FCIC), a privately owned college maintained and developed by the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration based in Olpe, Germany through the cooperation of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA. It is dedicated to Immaculate Conception, which is believed that she is having no any stain ("macula" in Latin) of Original Sin.[1]

The college has a school on campus, offering education from kindergarten through to high school, and is accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities.


At college level, the following courses are offered;[2]


  • Midwifery (CHED)
  • Nursing Aide (2 years) (TESDA)
  • Health Care Services (1 year) (TESDA)


  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) with majors in: English Language, Filipino Language, Guidance, Mathematics, Biology and Values Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (AB) English Language
  • Bachelor of Arts (AB) Economics


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with majors in: Financial Management, Management and Human Resource Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
  • Associate in Office Administration (2 years)

Computer Studies

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Associate in Computer Technology (2 Years)

Other programs

The Graduate School offers a Master of Arts degree in Education, with majors in Education Technology, English Language, Filipino Language and Natural Science.

There is also a NFE/NTE[clarification needed] program service, offering school-based courses in sewing, tailoring, food preparation, pastoral/catethical and home arts. It also offers community-based courses in functional literacy, Com. Livelihood[clarification needed], mat making (by Extension Program), cosmetology and hair science, and mobile clinic (Handog Puso).

History of the Institution

The Beginnings

in May 1947, the late Bishop Miguel Mascariñas, D.D., Bishop of Palo, the Parish Priest of Baybay, Fr. Flaviano Daffon and a group of Baybayanons - Dr. Jose Silao, Sr., Mr. Amado Masecampo, Atty. Jovencio Borneo, Ex-Mayor Apolinario Tavera and several others convened at the Parish Convent decided to establish a Catholic School to be administered by a religious order. While waiting for the availability of a religious group, the school was run by lay people and classes were conducted in a rented house of Segundo Borneo at A. Bonifacio St. Thus, the Immaculate Conception College (ICC) was born on July 22, 1947 with the following Borad of Trustees and Incorporators who are now all deceased:

  • Chairman - Hon. Bernardo Torres
  • Vice-Chairman - Dr. Jose Silao, Sr.
  • Treasurer - Fr. Flaviano Daffon
  • Secretary - Mr. Amado Masecampo
  • Auditor - Ex-Mayor Apolinario Tavera
  • Member - Fr. Alfredo Rosales
  • Member - Engr. Florencio Coloma
  • Incorporator - Mr. Efigenio Mascariñas
  • Incorporator - Atty, Glicerio Eballar

The Administration

Mr. Bernardo Torres served as the First School Director until 1945 when he retired following his election as governor of Leyte. The school leadership was then passed on to Father Esteban Justimbante, the Parish Priest of Baybay. In 1956, the Franciscan fathers of the province of St. John the Baptist, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., arrived in the Philippines through the invitation of Bishop Lino Gonzaga, D.D., the bishop of Palo. The Franciscan Fathers assumed the administration of the school with Fr. Brice Mulroy, OFM, serving as director from 1956 to 1961 and from 1963 to 1970; Father Vianney Brinkman, OFm, was the director from 1961 to 1963. Fr. Elwin Harrongton, OFM, 1962–1963 and Fr. Brian irving, OFM, 1968–1969, were acting directors. Other Franciscan friars have rendered years of service in FCIC. They are the following: bro, Richard Kloster (Bursar), Fr. Madian Schneider (Chaplain), Bro. Cletus Reider (Maintenance Supervisor) and Fr. Patrick MacAuley (Religious Supervisor and Chaplain).

The following have also served FCIC as lay administrators:

  • Mrs. Lilia Modina - High School Principal (1956–1963), Dean of Commerce & Secretarial Dept. (1964–1969), Registrar (1963–1987)
  • Ms. Alicia Tan - Dean of College (1963–1964), Dean of Liberal Arts (1964–1969)
  • Atty. Eugenio Alvarado, Jr. - Registrar (1950–1954), Dean of Education (1964–1967)
  • Mrs. Lourdes Salas - Dean of College (1969–1974)
  • Ms. Evelyn Baldevia - Elementary Principal (1969–1970).

To reinforce the school teaching staff, the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, Mishawaka, Indiana, USA., were invited to the Philippines to help in the Education Industry. The four (4) pioneering sisters who came on October 11, 1962 were: Sister Denise Stolinski, OSF (High School Principal), Sister Mary Paul Pfautsch, OSF (Guidance Counselor), Sister M. Annette Crone, OSF (Medical and Dental Clinic Supervisor) and Sister M. Mark Orgon, OSF (Grade School Principal). Two other American sisters joined the staff in the later years, namely; Sister M. Joseph Ann Vogel, OSF, who arrived in 1969 and has been a Guidance Counselor, College Teacher & Piano Teacher and Sister M. Dianne Zimmer, OSF, who served as College Dean from 1974 to 1976.

With the vision of providing good education and the commitment to serve Baybay in the education apostolate, the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration purchased FCIC from the Franciscan fathers in 1970, but the turn-over was the following year. Thus, January 1, 1971 marked a new era in the educational life of the Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception (FCIC) as well as in the history of the OSF sisters, whose convent and formation house are located some meters from the school. The directorship of the school was assumed by Sister Mary Paul Pfautsch, OSF.

As the Filipinization of schools in the Philippines became an urgent national issue in 1976, the leadership of the school was transferred to qualified Filipino Administrators. The school directorship was held by the following sisters:

  • Sister M. Grace Gecong, OSF - 1976 - 1984
  • Sister M. Catherine Dean, OSF - 1984 - 1989
  • Sister M. Rose otic, OSF - 1989 - 1991
  • Sister M. Teresita Lopez, OSF - 1991 - 1995
  • Sister M. Veronica Tulipas, OSF - 1995 - 2004

In S.Y. 2004 - 2005, the organizational set-up of the school was changed such that a President heads the school. In the same school year, Sister M. Adrianne Siano, OSf, was installed as the first School President of FCIC.

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  1. My First Book of Saints, page 295, Fr. Paolo Pirlo, SHMI.

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