Francis Secret

Francis secret is a game. There are many variations such as zombies and secret service. The game started in 2003, not available to the public. In 2005, it came out, but it was not very well known, although for it's brilliant gameplay and graphics.

Francis Secret - What's it all about?

It is about a person who's family escaped America in the civil war, but were shipwrecked, and crashed on an island. The people there were intellegent, and together they created the greatest weapon of all time by 1832, Francis Secret. Named after the main character, Francis K. Secreto. A boy who was bullied at Francis's school and his friend are the main enemies of the game. Known as 'The Phycopath' And 'The Glockmaster'. These people only appear in the zombie game. Francis's tribe go to England, where he creates a gang of 'Good people' Who soon rebel slowly, of which you must stop the rebels from taking all Francis Secrets, 3 symbolic inventions.

Francis Secret - The Apocalypse

You are in pursuit of enough serum to cure the world, and are in pursuit of Francis Secret. The Phycopath kills you in many cutscenes in 'Too good to be true' Areas. Eventually, you meet the Glockmaster, who must stop anyone in way of his plans. [These will not be stated due to spoiler alerts]

Francis Secret - Field Agent

You are sent by anonymous [Will not tell due to spoiler] To go on gruelling missions to stop a vicious battle, which will ruin Europe, Asia and Oceania. Such as deactivating a Nuclear bomb, stealing blueprints, this one is the last one they will ever make.

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