Fran Jeffries (born May 18, 1937) is an American singer, actress, and model.


She had a cameo in the 1963 film The Pink Panther, in which she sang a song called "Meglio Stasera (It Had Better Be Tonight)" while she danced provocatively around a fireplace.[1] She also sang a number in the first sequel, A Shot in the Dark. Her figure was highlighted, albeit briefly, in a minor role in Sex and the Single Girl. She sang on The Tom Jones Show in 1969 with the host, doing a duet of "You've Got What it Takes". She was featured in Playboy Magazine a couple years later, in 1971 at the age of 33, in a pictorial entitled "Frantastic!". In 1982 she posed a second time for Playboy at the age of 45. This second pictorial was titled "Still Frantastic!".[2]

Personal life

Jeffries has been married three times:

  • Steven Schaeffer, musician, (March 16, 1971 - September 1973) (divorced)
  • Richard Quine (1920–1989), actor, producer, director (1965 - June 10, 1969) (divorced)
  • Dick Haymes (1918–1980), actor, singer, (1958 - January 1965) (divorced)

Has 1 daughter, Stephanie Haymes Roven.[3]



"Sex and the Single Girl" was released on MGM in 1964 as a single and an LP. In 1966, Fran Jeffries recorded an album for Monument Records, This Is Fran Jeffries; a collection of standards and popular songs, produced by Fred Foster with arrangements by Dick Grove and Bill Justis, including a rendition of Lennon–McCartney's "Yesterday". Other recordings include an LP on Warwick (Fran: Can Really Hang You Up The Most). In 2000, Jeffries released a recording All the Love, again a collection of standards.

Song recordings:

Songs for movies:


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