Foreign Languges Department

Foreign Languages Department

Foreign Languages Department — The Foreign Languages Department of Mordovian State University employs over 100 language Teachers and Professors; among them there are 9 Doctors and 40 Candidates of Science. The Department provides all necessary conditions for effective academic and research activities of its students. The Department is an associate member of the Union of Translators of Russia. The Department carries out international co-operation with Universities in many countries (USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, etc.) and participates in international educational programs, such as TEMPUS, Jean Monnet Programme, Fulbright, DAAD, British Council and others.


The Foreign Languages Department was organized at Mordovian State Teacher Training College in 1952. From 1957 to 1969 the Department had three majors in languages (English, German and French) and was a part of History and Philology Department. In 1953-1955 the Head of English Philology Chair was P. Rabinovich. In 1955-1958 S. Shason was elected on this post. From 1958 to 1968 the Department was headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences F. Markov. The Head of the Chair of German Philology was by O. Kharlamov. The Chair of French Philology was established at the Foreign Languages Department in 1962. The Head of the Chair was F. Markov. By the decision of an Academic Council from January, 30th, 2001 the Department began independent again. Today the Dean of the Foreign Languages Department is Dr. N. Burenina. The Department adheres to the tradition of classical education and responses to the new requirements of economy. The Department gives the students a comprehensive view of languages, designed to give a broad philological erudition as well as faces new challenges in the field of language training.


Nowadays Foreign Languages Department consists of seven Chairs.

  • Chair of English Philology
  • Chair of German Philology
  • Chair of French Philology
  • Chair of Theory of Speech and Interpretation
  • Chair of the English Language
  • Chair of Foreign Languages for the Humanities
  • Chair of Foreign Languages for the Natural Sciences and Engineering

Students Body

Students Body is represented by 7 Sectors (Mass-Cultural,Socio-Economic,Academic,Educational,Informational and Analytical, Sports, and Design). These sectors are in charge of extra-curricular activities of the Department.

  • Mass-Cultural Sector. This sector is in charge of students' recreation activities. One of the main tasks of this Sector is to search for talents among the students and help them develop.
  • Socio-Economic Sector. This sector is engaged in social work which is primarily to inform students about social events and projects (charity, donations, etc).
  • Academic sector. This sector analyzes and coordinates research activities at the faculty; and try to improve the research activities of the faculty.
  • Educational Sector. This Sector functions in close connection with Dean and Heads of the Chairs to facilitate educational process.
  • Information-Analytical Sector. This sector is engaged in supporting the web-site of the Department and publications of students’ works.
  • Sport Sector. Sport sector is engaged in the organization and holding sports events at the Department and University.
  • Design Sector. The sector is responsible for the decoration and designing at the Department. It also produces posters, training stands, etc.

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