Forecasting Institute Date of foundation : 1st April 1984 Location: Prague 1, Opletalova 19, Postal Code 11000 PRAGUE Legal form: Budget Organization Number of Employees: 25-49 employees

According to information from the book by Ladislav Bittman, "International disinformation", issued in 2000, Forecasting Institutes was founded at the direction of Yuri Andropov, Brezhnev and KGB chief successor in the former Soviet Union and its satellites. The Institute was founded and led by Valtr Komarek Cuban leader Castro and Che Gevara consultant. This institution later became an important personnel reservoir of new governments, which added seven ministers and more than a dozen deputy ministers, directors and top officials of major political parties. They were, for example, Vaclav Klaus, Karel Dyba, Milos Zeman, Jiri Dolejs, Tomas Jezek, Vladimir Dlouhy and Miloslav Ransdorf. Komárek, who became Deputy Prime Minister with Marian Calfa and Jan Carnogursky in the first weeks administered by the Federal Ministry of the Interior. There still remained the StB chief Alois Lorenz, who was responsible for key secret documents likvidation. In the new government representations absented only one worker of Forecasting Institute - Karel Koecher. Although he came together with others after 17. November 1989 operate the Civic Forum. He was involved in services StB and KGB. Koecher who has significantly contributed to the exposure of U.S. spy Ogorodnik at the Soviet Foreign Ministry and thus his death, when he poisoned himself during interrogation. When he was in 1984 arrested in the U.S., the KGB immediately began to negotiate with the Americans. Two years later, in February 1986, was Koecher exchanged for Jewish dissident Natan Sharansky. Thereafter, together with his wife Hana, he came to the Forecasting Institute, where they were employed.

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