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It's a hoax!

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Forced Babification is a type of Punishment used by few. It is often used when a Male is being naughty, or not living up to an older Guardian's expection.It can be used for a Boy being bad, or an older man getting too drunk most of the time. It is typically used by Nannies, Babysitters, Mothers, aunts, cousins, or any other female who the male knows. The Male is usually drugged with some kind of Sleeping pill or medicine, though this does not happen every time. The Male is usually dressed in Baby clothes, and more often dressed in baby Girl Clothes. This Includes: Girly T-Shirts, School Girl Uniform, Diapers, Bibs and Pacifiers, Denim skirts and overalls, Little Girl's Shoes, Onesies, Rompers, In some cases, it can also include: Stockings, Panties, Bras, and Dresses. The Male is usually forced to act like a Baby girl. An example is being forced to use the diaper he is wearing, and have the Female change him like an infant. The Female may also talk to the Male like a Baby, saying things like: "Oh, did the Baby Girl like that? I think she does!" In some extreme cases, the Male is forced to speak like a Baby by using a Lisp in their voice. For example, This: "Please, Mom, I don't want to be Diapered!" Becomes: "Pwease, Mommy, I done want to bwe diapwed! Resistance to these methods is usually followed by a hard spanking, or some other form of Baby punishment. Babifying Hypnosis may be used, in order to make the Male feel like a baby, soil their diaper day and night, or make them think like a Baby Girl. Forced Babification is a largely used erotica subject in many tales. Sometimes the Male is forced to make Fellatio on a Man or Dildo. In some very extreme cases, two "Sissy-Babies" as they are commonly called, are forced to love each other by kissing each other on the lips or Fondling [[genitals]]. Forced Babificaton is also a Fetish, linked to [[Paraphilic Infantilism]] The Fetish is that some Males wish/Fantasize about being treated like a Baby Girl.

Babification has proven itself useful to many Females, although this method of teaching is used extremely rarely and now mainly just a Erotica subject.

Forced Babification in Media: Petticoat Discipline Quarterly

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