Force FM is a radio station that broadcasts illegally across parts of East London, South London, South Essex, and North Kent. The station started in 1994 as a primarily happy hardcore station, and since then has begun playing more Drum n Bass, Dubstep, and UK Garage genres. [1][2] Force FM has a static RDS with Radio Text which reads "FORCE"


Force FM has been responsible for creating some big name artists in the music industry today, such as Harry Shotta, and MC Vapour, and has also been a large influence in the Underground Music Scene in the south east. [3] Force FM started in 1994 when Happy Hardcore was at a mainstream peak with resident DJ's broadcasting in the evenings only across a small area of South Essex and East London. Force FM has held a number of raves and gigs over the years with their own resident DJ's as the main attraction. Such events were Sugar Party, Sugar and Spice, and Brannigans [4]


Force FM has now ceased broadcasting, and is now operated under a new station name "Project" with new DJ's, on the same frequency with the same broadcast range. Project replaced Force almost immediately.

In 2005 Force FM had one transmitter seized by Ofcom, but the studio itself has never been raided. Force FM has a hidden studio located somewhere in the south east. The exact city or location is only known by the resident DJ's. [5] The Force FM studio consists of various high end professional DJ equipment such as a DJ mixer by Denon, CD Decks by Pioneer, and turntables by Technics. [6]

Force FM operates similar to other Pirate Radio stations whereby DJ's can pay a certain fee, or "sub" to get air time to play their mixes. Force broadcasts 24/7 but only with Live DJ's from 4PM and 2PM until the early hours on weekdays with the day time playlist running without a DJ in the mornings. On weekends Force has live DJ's from 9:30 AM on Saturday morning until 12:30 AM on Monday Morning, with a daytime playlist break from 12:30AM until 9:30AM on Sunday Morning. [7]

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