Focus Wine Cellars (FWC) is a brand derived from Focus Interiors (Legal Company Name: Focus Yapi Ürünleri Ltd. Şti.), specialising in designing and building bespoke wine cellars. The company Focus Interiors was founded in 1993. Initially focusing on luxury home refurbishments and person specific furniture manufacturing, the company started making primarily wine cellars in 2003. Focus Wine Cellars is known for its highly reliable cellars with an accent on design. Its range of services includes: wine cellar design consultancy, manufacturing custom wine cellars and wine cabinets and cellar management.

Technical Design

Environmental requirements for proper storage of wine are provided in underground cellars passively. Actively cooled cellars on the other hand, need to be carefully designed and detailed to create the same conditions. Especially when the cellar is an integral part of an interior, many conflicts related to temperature, humidity and light may rise. FWC resolves these conflicts by a comprehensive design approach. Cellars by FWC are designed never to allow temperature fluctuations (above ±0.3˚C) and condensation inside the cellar while at the same time always ensuring proper display of the wines.

Architectural Design

One of the strongest points of FWC is its ability to offer a wide variety of design options. Besides making cellars to fit into divers styles of interiors, FWC produces divergent (patented) wine bottle display units.


A properly built wine cellar is essential for the aging of wine, for helping the potential of the wines to develop complexity and aromatic bouquets. Besides, wine cellar building techniques are different than conventional construction methods and requires expertise of the building team. Practices outside of this will cause irreversable consequences. To ensure the quality of its cellars, FWC only takes on the building of cellars solely designed by FWC. From Istanbul, a central location in the old world and a well connected city, FWC acts as a “flying cellar builder” in the regions of Europe, Middle East, Russia and China.

Collective Wine Cellar

The concept of collective wine cellar, a very few examples of which was to be found solely in the USA at the time, was first introduced in its region by Focus Wine Cellars for project Trump Towers Istanbul. Compared to cellars alike, this cellar has advanced climate control and cellar management systems over an area of 255m2 which contains 180 bottle individual units for each resident. The cellar is extra secure considering the large number of valuable wines it holds. The cellar is equipped the necessary infrastructure to house a wine cellar management system which is accessible via internet and enables the residents to view the details of their collection. Furthermore, the cellar area is surveyed 24 hours a day, via CCTV cameras and the building’s central automation system, to make sure that the valuable wine collections are safe and always kept under the right climatic conditions.

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