Flyswatters is an internationally known surf-prog instrumental trio based in Louisville, KY, USA. Formed in 1996, it’s comprised of its original founding members and unlike most bands, has suffered no line-up changes during its entirety. Flyswatters consists of “Lungs” (Wangus MacLeangus), Mattias Filancheese, and Pongo Von Montreaux. Even though this trio has received numerous accolades during its colorful and creative history, only recently did it release its first CD, Flyswatters (2011, Out to Pasture Music, LLC). Despite the band’s limited catalog of released material, numerous severed relationships with band management and PR personnel, and its refusal to give interviews, the band’s storied history continues to thrive in the instrumental trio Urban Legend mythos and guitar centered blogosphere.

Band Members

Wangus MacLeangus, a.k.a. “Lungs” (b. 1967) is the bass player and henceforth, shall be referred to only as “Lungs”. He’s a three time Scottish free diving champion. While he holds no free diving world records, he does hold the band’s free diving record of 50 meters. Filancheese’s best is 28 meters while Von Montreaux’s is a scant 5 meters (he nearly drowned). “Lungs” is said to be a prolific scrap booker. He’s also known to be a voracious advocate for potted horsemeat consumption within public schools. “Lungs” is often credited for coining the pro-horsemeat slogan, “Equine: the other red meat. It’s what’s for lunch.” “Lungs” reportedly likes to summer in central Chad and winter in Davenport, Iowa. He keeps a fall retreat condo in Louisville, KY, USA.

Mattias Filancheese (b. 1976) is the band’s drummer. However, he’s internationally known as Louisville’s most daring, most successful, and most handsome venture capitalist. In 1994, at the young age of 18, he founded Filancheese Holdings. In 1997, he brokered the deal that resulted in the purchase of Joseph Zemtittan’s financial portfolio. Shortly thereafter, he formed Filancheese Holdings Zemtittan Assets, LLC. To this day, he continues to chair this illustrious LLC. Not one to sit on his laurels, Filancheese does charity work by volunteering at Manpurts Mannequins, Inc. His specialty is the repair of mannequin hands. He has a blue tick bloodhound named Hammencheese.

Pongo Von Montreaux (b. 1968) is the band’s guitar player. He’s also the son of acclaimed paleontologists, Chester Von Montreaux and Marie Von Trapp Von Montreaux, heiress and reputed third cousin removed of premier Russian ballet dancer, Vladimir Ivonagetchunoff. Montreaux is his condo association’s self-proclaimed naturalist and philosopher. In 2002, he founded the Institute for Simian Advancement in the Age of Heston (aka I.S.A.I.A.H.). He’s known to boisterously voice his love for the aroma of cut grass and gasoline. His favorite actor is the late, Roddy McDowall, master simian thespian.

History and Influence of Band

Due to its stormy relationship with the press and its almost hard to comprehend avoidance of the use of new media, very little is known about this storied, legendary band. Some of Louisville’s legendary third tier bands such as Strait Kurves, Gringo’s Dilemna and the Haus of Vax Flaus, have cited Flyswatters as a primary musical and cultural influence. None of Louisville’s first or second tier bands could be reached for comment.

A well-known documented fact is that at one time or another, the band members have pressed charges against one another, sued one another, and every documented gig has ended with at least two or more of the band members coming to blows with one another. Perhaps the most documented incident occurred while “Lungs” was in Finland, attending a quarterly International Horse and Buggy Guild meeting. Band documentarians and band mythos cultivators have dubbed it the incident “The Fall of the House of Kudzu”.

While “Lungs” was away from his then residence in Louisville, Filancheese attended the cocktail reception for the premier of Von Montreaux’s autobiographical film, My Life as a Mime, In Spoken Word. The film was revolutionary in that there were no pictures, only audio and a blank movie screen. While Finlancheese and Von Montreaux reportedly consumed several cocktails at the reception, neither one stayed for the showing of film. Surprisingly, the movie went to straight to VHS.

Being in a state of elevated mischief arising from the numerous libations, Filancheese convinced Von Montreaux to help him plant kudzu around the perimeter of “Lungs’” then home. Finlancheese happened to have several greenhouses full of cultivated kudzu, of the genus, superfastrgrowingnuss kudzuessness, just for these types of occasions. The opportunity could not be ignored. Six weeks later, “Lungs” returned from his journeys afar.

Even though hidden security camera film footage indicated otherwise, “Lungs” became convinced his home had been removed and usurped with a giant bush sculpture that had been uprooted from Disney World, and that Filancheese used his vast financial fortune the to employ a back hoe operator and crane operator to remove the home and plant the bush. “Lungs” and Filancheese settled out of court. Von Montreaux was not implicated.

Influence of Band on Music

You know they have been an influence. Just ask them.

Film Scores


TV Appearances


You Tube Footage

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Flyswatters (2011, Out to Pasture Music, LLC)

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