FireBoy and WaterGirl (platform, puzzle, action online game)

Fireboy and WaterGirl is game which let's you play two chracters at the same time, you have to help them through chambers that get harder when levels go up. Make sure you use the mechanics of each level to create a safe way to the exit door of each level and collect all diamonds. If you don't collect diamonds you won't get through even trough you would get out of the chamber. FireBoy can't stand in water pool and WaterGirl can't stand in lava pool so you'll have to jump over if you are not same color with the pool and none of them resists the green water witch is some kind of poison or some kind of acid. This game has become so popular that you can find it easily from almost every online game site.

Controls: You can move FireBoy with arrow keys and AWSD to move WaterGirl.

Payment: FREE TO PLAY online game

You can ALSO play with two players when other controls FireBoy and other controls WaterGirl.

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