FINAL THRENODY is a melodic doompunk-band from oslo nORWAY 2008-

Tonje - vocals Magnus - guitar Alx - guitar some voc Fredrik - bass Znadde - drums


FINAL means..., well, final; the last..

THRENODY is a song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.Threnody

Like the explanation tells a threnody is mainly used about one individual. Final Threnody see humankind/ all humans as a group or as one if you like. This "one" is going to destroy this world to the point that it will be uninhabitable for most life, starting with humans. Wars, money, more and more cars, energy, western lifestyle.

When humankind destroys the earth, we will be amoung the first to dissappear. This is a good thing! But many many many good people is going to meet their end then, witch is sad, noone's left to remember them, noone's left to mourne, noone left to sing the final threnody

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