Fern Kupfer is an American author.

Kupfer is a retired professor of English, formally working at Iowa State University.[1] She is a former high school English teacher. She also worked at a day care in Rochester, New York, previously.[2] She has written a number of books about her life, including her life as a breast cancer survivor and the loss of her son, who died from Canavan disease.[1] Her experience in raising her son made her an advocate against institutionalized care for children with disabilities.[2]

She has contributed to the Ames Tribune and Newsday.[3][4]


  • Kupfer, Fern. Before and After Zachariah. Chicago: Academy Chicago Publishers (1998). ISBN 0897333039
  • Kupfer, Fern. Leaving Long Island and other departures. ISBN 1479219274
  • Kupfer, Fern. Love Lies. Toronto: Zebra (1995). ISBN 0821751557
  • Kupfer, Fern. Surviving the Seasons. Jefferson City: Laurel (1989). ISBN 044050189X


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