Felicity Jayn Heath (born May 18th, 1989 in the Central Coast, New South Wales) is an Australian blogger, fashion designer[1], model, activist and former actress.


She appeared in several Australian TV series' such as All Saints[2], The Supermarket[3] and Crimes That Shook the World[4] before moving to LA, where she attended the New York Film Academy’s Hollywood campus[5]. She appeared in several music videos including Travis Barker's music video for "Misfits"[6].


She rose to online success from Bring Me The Horizon[7] and Hayley Williams of Paramore helping popularise her blog Punk Rock Mermaid[8] in late 2010 / early 2011. She is known for her ethical, eclectic and honest publishing of her views and ideas.


She recently launched her fashion line Mermaid Killer[9] in early 2012 with much online success and hype through her blog.


She has also modelled over the past few years, with well known professional photographer Brad Elterman photographing her in 2011[10]. She has also been a featured model of the brands Tattooed Zombie Accessories in 2010[11] and Rockeresque.


She is a strict vegetarian and is known from her blog as an activist of animal rights and anti animal testing[12].


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