Feit Consulting Inc is an advisory service to US Law firms, specializing legal information products. Feit advises its clients on market trends, best practices and renegotiation of online contracts with a particular emphasis on Westlaw and Lexis.[1]

Michael Feit established Feit Consulting in 2001 after working at Thomson West for over ten years. Starting his legal career as an associate for a large law firm in Chicago, he became familiar with the need of the legal profession to access legal information resources cost efficiently on behalf of their clients. As an Account Manager at Westlaw, Michael helped his clients understand how to use West Group’s resources efficiently. Combining his customer service skills with his business acumen, he was promoted to senior management positions at Westlaw. His final positions at Westlaw were Regional Director of Midwest West Online and Senior Director for Large Law Firm Strategy. During his tenure at Westlaw, he became knowledgeable with the products and pricing of both Westlaw and Lexis. He also observed the multitude of methods by which each law firm negotiated and administered their contracts. Michael could see that the vendor's confidentiality provisions had the effect of causing a wide disparity.[2]


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