Fawad Ramez (Persian:فواد رامز) (also spelled as Fawad Ramiz) is a singer from Afghanistan. He rose to fame in the late 80s as a rival singer to the Goroh-e-Baran band.

He currently resides with his girlfriend in Rotterdam, Holland and continues his singing career from there. He mostly makes his music videos in Uzbekistan and he has released great songs in the past 3 years like Beem Ast Ki Sawdayat, Umre Kheyal Bastam, Har Shab Az Seena and e.t.c. He returned to Afghanistan in 2008 where he performed live in shows like Afghan Star of tolo TV and so on.


  • Bibi Welayat
  • Kamnoma
  • Qawl-e-Mardha
  • Tura Khwaham

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