Fatal Frost.[citation needed]


It is a year after the events in FIRST FROST the novel begins with (Jack Frost(Detective) investigating a body of a young girl that has been found near a train track. At the same time a new black copper DCI Waters is brought to Denton who is teamed up with DC Simms their first assigment is to investigate a case of missing jewellry they find that the last person in the house was the owners niece Samantha Ellis they visit her mother who tells them that she has not returned home. DC Clarke along with her partner Di Myles are attacked by a (BMX) gang.Chris Everrett a house developer at the same time is commiting burgularies in other peoples houses. (Superindentant) Mullett while visiting his golfing club finds the body of a dead boy which appears to be the work of wiccan cult.

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