Overview: Fast First Kiss is a film written and directed by Ariel "Fuzzy" Feblowitz for the second 2007-2008 Skipper Film Fest, a semi-annual event at Minnetonka High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The film's plot follows a socialpathic teen (whose friends have unusually active imaginations) in his quest for love.

Plot: The film begins with the protagonist, Chris chatting online with his crush while his friends listen in on the conversation from another computer. He is surprised to find that there is mutual interest in having a more involved relationship, and jumps on the chance to set up a date with her.

His friends, having overheard all that was said, arrive at Chris' house the following morning. They enter his house, wake him up, and explain to him that they have come to take him to his date. Chris gets out of bed, startled by his friends arrival and confused. He stumbles into the bathroom after tripping several times and being chased by his dog, at which point he decides he might as well prepare himself for his date. After eating a pickle in preparation, Chris leaves the bathroom, trips and falls down the stairs. When he reaches the bottom, he is greeted by his friend Kushvance, who leads him into the next room where Bjorn, another friend is watching his friend David in the TV. David comes out of the TV and the four friends leave together in Kushvance's car.

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