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fanx007 is the coolest dude in the world. His life is filled with awesomeness and aewsomernessness.

Early Life

fanx007's early life is mystery. His autobiography "My Life: Journeying Through the Stars Like a Hawk" seems to skim over his childhood years. There is speculation that he wasn't even born, he was created when the awesomeness of history collided at a single location. He never went to school and instead downloaded all knowledge into his brain.


Before fanx007 became a super hero he went through many phases

Music Phase

fanx007 had no clue how to use his awesomeness so he decided to become a singer/song writer. His first and only album was called "fanx007 is k00ol". The album was critically panned; however many critics praised the single "You Got Shhnniippeeddaaaa". The single was praised for its uniqueness in sound. However the single "The Blade of Infinity" became infamous for its use of a screeching cat in place of a bass guitar.

Acting Phase

After the fail of his music career fanx007 tried an acting one. His first (and again only) film was "The Uncharted 3: Dudes on a Crazy Island". fanx007 played the father of the father of a farmer on the island, who was later revealed to be the main antagonist of the film. He was praised for his performance, but the movie was a failure at the box office.

Business Phase

fanx007 then opened up a rug company...then realized it was dumb.

Superhero Phase

fanx007 then became a superhero. He has saved the world 3,000,000,000,000 times as of June 1, 2012. His first victory came when SuperDuperEvilDude decided to conquer the earth with an army of mutated chicken-pigs. His popularity became instant and he became a superhero for everyone everywhere.


Along with awesomeness fanx007 can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, superstrength, launch electricity from everywhere, and has superior gaming skills. He can also make people feel not awesome.

List of Enemies

  • SuperDuperEvilDude
  • Talbot Dante Marlowe
  • Tank-Dude
  • Tank-Dude II
  • Tank-Dude II version 2
  • Elbow Woman
  • Evil Chalkboard
  • Pants Man
  • Puppy Hater
  • Lex the Joker
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