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Fallen on Faith produce their very own state of the art brand of melodic, metallic mayhem to a moribund contemporary music scene.

Hailing from the Scottish borders, the band have worked furiously hard since their formation in 2011, building a sizeable and loyal local fan-base along the way.

They write and record marketable music without losing sight of their roots or the edginess that sets them apart from 99% of other bands today. Their objective is ambitious – to push modern British metal to new levels. Their style can best be described as a fusion of intricate metal riffs with catchy melodic rock vocals.

Lead guitarist and founding member Steve contributes his own unique and innovative guitar style to the band’s sound – a powerful fusion of lead and rhythm guitar playing, producing some dazzling riffs and weaving his own signature sound.

Logan (another founding member) has a background singing for over 5 years in various predecessor bands and has also gained plaudits for his acoustic work. With a strong sense of lyrical mood and tone, Logan creates his own trademark melodic lines and words that anyone can relate to and sing along – a key part of the band’s appeal.

Fallen on Faith’s debut EP, appropriately titled ‘New Beginning’, showcases their undeniable talent for blending heavy music with classic rock style vocals. With melodic hooks from both the vocals and guitar lines prominent throughout, it is available to hear on the band’s own website:

Fallen on Faith are set to rock the UK with various shows over 2012. Long term, the aim of the band is to continue progressing and improving musically, developing their profile within the genre of Alt-Rock throughout the UK and beyond.

For more information or to make contact with Fallen on Faith, please reply to this email expressing your interest and explaining how you can help.

Fallen On Faith

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