Fab Sioul (Artist Manager)

Fabrice Sioul (born 2 July 1973, Martinique) is a French Composer, Producer, Songwriter and Artist Manager based in London, United Kingdom.

Sioul's 20 years experience as an A&R,Tour Manager,Concert Promoter, Song Writer and Producer have afforded him a unique perspective of an ever-changing industry. Sioul has been fortunate enough to have dealt with and connected to every segment of the music industry globally and has spent years building and nurturing an extensive and invaluable network of artists, label execs, producers, promoters, television execs and radio execs from Sony Music, Universal, EMI, Virgin etc across the world particularly in London, France, L.A and Dubai.

Made of Music Ltd (Artist Management Company)

In 2012 Sioul opened Made of Music Ltd in London. Following years working with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Akon, Fat Joe, Muse, Mika, Kanye West, Ziggy Marley, Joss Stone, Kassav, Motorhead, Paul Weller, Opeth as Promoter Assistant Manager. Sioul wanted to focus on artist development, mentoring and developing artists and provide them with opportunities which develop their careers. Sioul put a portfolio of artists together including French Canadian singer Marc Antoine, French singer Jalane and a girl band from Manchester called Doremi Fly. Sioul is committed to working closely with them on their albums, negotiating deals with major record labels and promoting them on Radio, Film, Theatre and Television. Sioul believes there is great strength in social networking and marketing and drives his business/artists successfully through these channels.

Early Life

Sioul was born in Martinique on the 2nd of July 1973. At the age of three, his parents moved to France where they founded a folk music society for Reggae and West Indian music 'Cannes a Sucreses'. Sioul travelled all over France sharing these traditions with people. Growing up in such a musical environment Sioul learnt to appreciate a variety of music from an early age and was playing the piano, keyboard and drums by the age of 12. At school he composed tracks and songs for his pop band Atlanta. Sioul's interest in different genres developed and he became a huge fan of U2, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michel Berger, Depeche Mode and AHA, all of whom gave him great inspiration.


During the early 1980's rap music was born. Sioul worked with artists in the studio and toured with bands, such as Saian Supa Crew and Fun, often accompanying them on stage on the keyboard]]. During his spare time he continued to compose songs, heavily influenced by Electro. By the late 1990's Sioul's work started attracting attention from record industry professionals who worked with him on a variety of projects including Cunny Williams ‘Come Back To Me’ and the Sugababes french version of ‘Stronger’. In 2002 Sioul was approached by Universal Music to take part in ‘Star Academy’ as a vocal coach and producer. Similar to the UK version of ‘Fame Academy’ Sioul worked on TF1’s talent show for the second series and produced the single ‘Musique’, the shows anthem selling 2,000,000 copies of the single and the album. The highest selling single the show has produced to date.

Following this stint on television Sioul moved to Dubai to work for CSM and Spellbind Records as an A&R, producer and concert promoter for artists, predominantly Nervcecell and Juliana Down, in the Middle East. Sioul soon realized the limitations of working in Dubai and missed the International Music Industry. Following a year in France rekindling his old network of industry contacts he produced a track featuring Snoop Dog in L.A. and later managed and produced the project Marc Antoine & Fanny J's remix of 'Kole Sere' in France. Antoine and Sioul decided to work together as artist and manager and produced 'Rester Seul' which was released shortly afterwards following a deal with Universal Music in France. Following this success Sioul negoitiated a contract with EMI where Marc Antoine was given the part of 'Little John' in the biggest musical in Europe, Robin des Bois, directed by Fichier:Michel Laprise.JPG ( Madonna, Cirque du Soleil ) and produced by Gilbert Coullier Productions


  • 1999: Production and remix of Mademoiselle’s top single ‘Do You Love Me’ (U2/Music) 200, 000 copies sold, no. 4 in France and ranked in European charts.
  • 2000: Production of a part of Saïan Supa Crew’s album ‘KLR’ (Source/Virgin) 300,000 copies sold in which the track ‘Angela’ was no. 1 for a period of 6 weeks.
  • 2002: the track ‘Silence’, Fabrice’s original composition, is the musical theme of ‘Box Office’ (Canal + Channel) (presents movies which will be broadcasted on the Canal +; 40/50 diffusions by day).
  • 2002: ‘Silence’ is on the ‘Champs Elysées’ compilation, sold worldwide

(27 countries).

  • 2002: ‘Silence’ is on the ‘Serial Orange’ compilation, sold worldwide

(14 countries).

  • 2002: Production of the remix ‘Come Back To Me’ by Cunnie Williams (ULM/Universal).

300,000 copies sold for the Radio Edit version, 4th in the charts for a period of 6 weeks, the most broadcasted track in nightclubs and on air (FG: 4/5 diffusions by day).

  • 2002: Production of ‘Prisencoli’ (ULM/Universal) interpreted by José Garcia for the movie soundtrack ‘Quelqu’un de bien’.
  • 2002: Vocal coach in the ‘Star Academy’ season II on TF1 channel for the album ‘Hommage à Michel Berger’(Mercury/Universal).
  • 2002: Production of ‘Musique’ (Mercury/Universal) a track from the ‘Hommage à Michel Berger’ album for ‘Star Aacdemy’ II.

(2,000,000 albums and singles sold; single no.1 in charts for a period of 5 weeks and album ranked no. 1 for a period of 8 weeks).

  • 2003: Production of ‘L'amour n'a pas de loi’ (AZ/Universal) interpreted by french pop band What For (revelled by Popstars II realisty show)
  • 2003: Remix of the Sugababes’ single ‘Stronger’ (AZ/Universal).
  • 2003: Production of the single ‘Superwoman’ interpreted by Anne-Laure Sibon (from Star Academy II) went straight into the charts at no. 13
  • 2003: Composition and production of ‘Born To Be A Star’ credits music for Star6 broadcast on the M6 Channel (Editions M6 Intéractions).
  • 2003: Production of the single ‘Alexandra Baïla’ (RKG) in the top ten of the single charts in Spain.
  • 2004: Composition of the demo 'Music of the World’s Champions' artistic karate show (The Delarue's Team). Held in Bercy stage in front of 15, 000 people.
  • 2005: ‘Silence’ is on the ‘Sound of the Beach’ compilation.
  • 2005: Production of the single ‘Tu es Blonde’ interpreted by Les Squatters
  • 2006: Production of the single Matt Pokora “Mal de guerre remix” (Universal) reached no. 9 in the French charts.

Remix of the single ‘Il ye remix” with Faudel reached no. 2 in the French charts.

  • 2007 : Production of the track “Morenita” from

UPA DANCE (Universal) reached no. 1 in France and Spain. Production of “Sambame” from UPA DANCE (Universal) reached no. 1 in Spain (over 1 million copies) and no. 20 in France.Produced a track for La compagnie creole (Universal) which reached no.12 in France.

  • 2008: Remixed the track “Douce” for Julie Zenatti (Sony Music)
  • 2008: Co-Produced “Good for Nothing” (Spellbind) for Juliana Down with

Reiner Erlings which reached no. 1 in Channel 4 radio and received airplay on Dubai 92.

  • 2011: Executive producer for Marc Antoine & Fanny J's remix of 'Kole Sere'(Sony Music)
  • 2012: Management and executive producer Marc Antoine ' Rester Seul'
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