FU (formerly chainz) is a trio group formed by M& Entertainment.


2014:Pre-Debut,Mark's Failed Solo Debut

August 2014,M& Entertainment announced the debut of their first mixed group. The group consists of 1 boy Mark and 3 girls Kane,Aira and Darlene The group's debut has been delayed.
November 2014,M& Entertainment annouced that the group's name will be changed from Chainz to FU(Four You) and FU's debut is still on hold.
December 2014,Mark post on his instagram that he will release his first album as a solo artist.
His Album is entited "DARK" and it was posted both on his instagram and vevo account but it was deleted.Later on,He said in an interview that he will focus on his studies and his company cancelled his debut album.

2015:Solo & Duo Activities,Line-up Changes,Disbandment Rumours

June 2015,M& announced that Art will be added to the group. M& Entertainment posted teaser photos of the group on their official ig account. Art is not seen on the teaser photos confirming that art will not participate on the group's debut but he is still a member of the group. Kane and Mark performed at BHN High School covering iggy azalea's fancy.Darlene performed "Stupid Love"
Aira performed cher lloyd's want u back and Art performed abra's diwata featuring kenneth.
September 2015,Rumours are spreading online that FU is disbanded but later M& Ent confirmed that FU is on hiatus as members explore individual opportunities. December 2015,M& Entertainment announced that Aira left the group and FU will debut as a four member group on 2016.

2016-Present:Line-Up Changes,Debut Announcement

February 2016,M& Entertainment announced that Art left the group due to a conflict between the other members.
Mark and Darlene Participated in Culminating Activity "Mr And Ms Mapeh 2016" and Kane is seen at the audience to support her fellow group's members
M& Entertainment announced that Fu will debut this march.


Current Members :
Kane Styles
Darlene Mostoles
Mark Nimer
Former Members :
Aira Mae 2014-2015
Art A 2014-2016
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