This is a new genre, founded by the new electronical music duo: Lucas D. Jolie and Elwin Madoc Wagemans. This fresh and new sound came from different genre's: Stoner metal, drone, dubstep, noise, hardstyle and hardcore. It is still experimental, but these two musical geniuses has many fans in the "underground" Dutch music scene.

They are still working hard to get the perfect sounds. Like Dj Mad ( Elwin Wagemans ) said: " Only when we have the perfect ExtraStep, we will release tunes. This new genre needs to be as great as Jesus coming back to earth; it needs to be perfect.

They still have got no release date for their new " Extrastep" track. Dj Jolie ( Lucas Jolie ) said that the fans don't need to wait very long for this new genre.

Source: Interview off Underground magazine with Lucas D. Jolie and Elwin Madoc Wagemans. [ 14-06-2012 ]

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