Everybody Edits is a multi-player sandbox game where you build and create levels as a sprite, in a way similar to Minecraft. You create levels alongside other users in the game.


While in the game, you play as a smiley. Like many games, you have to earn more sprites. As a guest player, you cannot access any more smileys that you already have. You must sign up for an account and use the Energy Shop to receive more items such as sprites.


Basic sprites include common emotocons such as ":)" and ":P". Guests/new users get these by default.

Member Only

Member only sprites you can receive from the energy shop, and have no given time limit of how long they're in the shop. An example would be the Cowboy smiley.

Beta Only

When you sign up for the beta program you get special sprites such as the Devil and Crying smiley.

Limited Edition

Limited edition sprites you can only get in a certain time frame, once that time is up, you can no longer get that item with energy. You could though go to the Energy Shop's classic tab and purchase it with gems. An example would be the Santa or Ghost smiley.

Contest Only

Contest only smileys you receive by winning an Everybody Edits contest. An example of this type of smiley could be the Pumpkin smiley.

Moderator Only

Moderator only sprites are smileys that only mods can have, an example would be the Superman smiley.


Now to create levels as your Sprite you need blocks. By default, you get a handful of blocks such as basic bricks, or action bricks which will control the gravity or physics of the level.


Open Worlds

An open world is a level in which all users can edit, these levels are prone to vandalism/trolling. These levels are 200x200 in size and are deleted after all users leave.

Saved Worlds

Saved worlds are the most common level type, you can only obtain them if you have an account. What makes them special is that you can change their name, edit code, save them, and clear them. As well, you can reload your last save, respawn players, and kick players.

  • Small world - 25x25 drawing space, costs 125 energy.
  • Medium world - 50x50 drawing space, costs 500 energy.
  • Large world - 100x100 drawing space, costs 1000 energy.
  • Wide world - 400x50 drawing space, costs 2000 energy.
  • Ultra wide world - 636x50 drawing space, costs 3180 energy.
  • Massive world - 200x200 drawing space, costs 4000 energy.
  • Tall world - 100x400 drawing space, costs 4000 energy.
  • Great world - 400x200 drawing space, costs 8000 energy.

Beta-Only Worlds

You receive 1 beta-only world once you purchase the beta package for 100 gems. These levels are 200x200 (the same as a massive world) and only beta users can play the level.


1. Everybody Edits Blog

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