Evangelos Stefanos Tzivopoulos,is a world class diving athlete and an one of the Top Awarded diving coaches from Greece. Evangelos S. Tzivopoulos won the National title for several years on 1m-3m springboards and 10 m platform and he was also in the Top 12 diving athletes in the World in Synchronized diving with Sakkalis Iraklis. Sakkalis and Tzivopoulos won the National title in Synchronized Diving for several years and they were Greece's representatives in all the International meets in Synchronized 10 m platform diving. Valedictorian in Physio therapy,finalist in the Greek Idol music contest on "MEGA"channel Greece, world top 12 in the world Championships in Japan,Silver medalist in the World Diving Series in Madrid Spain ,and many more Medals and Awards as an athlete and a coach Nationally and Internationally. He is now coaching Gymnasts and divers ,with a lot of success in the biggest sports complex in New York City.

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