Eva Pierrakos was the founder of the Pathwork, and the Pathwork lectures, an instrument through whom a large body of spiritual wisdom was communicated.

Early life and Education

Eva was born in Vienna in 1915, to the well-known novelist Jacob Wassermann, and grew up among Vienna's intellectual elite. She left Austria, for a while she lived in New York and then in Switzerland, where she discovered that she had a gift for automatic writing. She attended the Jungian Institute in 1939. From 1957 - 1979, she was deeply involved into a series of 258 Pathwork lectures.

In 1967 Eva met John Pierrakos and married him in 1971. In 1972 Eva established Phoenicia Pathwork Center in Catskills of New York. 1976 Supported and guided the founding of Sevenoaks Pathwork Center in Madison, Virginia.

The Pathwork Lectures

From 1957 to 1979, Pathwork presented a series of 258 lectures and offered hundreds of question-and-answer sessions and private consultations through Pierrakos. Most of these sessions were spoken, not written, although a few of the later lectures were apparently channeled while Pierrakos typed. The lectures came to be known as "The Pathwork Guide Lectures," while the spirit entity, who never identified itself, came to be called "the Guide." According to the Guide, it was the material, not the source of the material, that was important.

John Pierrakos and The Work They Shared

In 1967 Eva Pierrakos met Dr. John Pierrakos, a psychiatrist and co-creator (with Alexander Lowen) of a school of therapy known as bioenergetic. A few years later they were married 1917, initiating a series of important changes in their lives and work.

By incorporating The Guide's teachings into his work, John Pierrakos transformed his practice of bio-energetics into Core Energetics. In turn, the introduction of John Pierrakos's energy work into the Pathwork process, which emphasized the need to deal with mind, emotion, will and body on their own respective levels, contributed to the effectiveness of the Pathwork teachings.

Eventually, a base for the work was established in a secluded valley at the edge of the Catskill Park in New York. This first center was called The Phoenicia Pathwork Center and it was located on three hundred acres of pristine land. In 1972 the Pathwork was incorporated as a not-for-profit educational foundation. In 1973 another Pathwork Center was started by Susan and Donovan Thesenga in Virginia. This second Pathwork Center was called Sevenoaks.

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