Eric Justin Gould Bear
Born Eric Justin Gould
(1968-08-24) August 24, 1968 (age 48)
New York City
Residence Austin, TX
Citizenship Flag of the United States.svg United States
Fields User Experience Design
Institutions Chief Experience Officer, Inc.
MONKEYmedia, Inc.
Alma mater New York University - M.P.S.
(Interactive Telecommunications)
Wesleyan University - B.A.
(Cognitive Science)
Known for Relativity Controller[1]
Seamless Expansion[2]
Virtual Force Feedback[3]
Poly-Vectoral Navigation[4]
Walk-in Theater[5]
Notable awards

CLIO Award
International CES Innovations
South by Southwest Interactive
Communication Arts
One Show Interactive
New Media Invision

Eric Gould Bear is a patent specialist involved in user experience and intellectual property strategy, and a testifying expert witness in computer user interface patent infringement litigation.[6][7][8] He is an inventor; named in over 100 patents and patent applications relating to Human-Computer Interaction (software and hardware).[9][10][11]

Bear has been designing user interfaces since 1984 and has established user experience strategies for many well-known Fortune 500 corporations. He is a former university professor (San Francisco State University; University of Texas at Austin) and executive (Microsoft; Yahoo!).[12]

Communication Arts described Bear as "one of the most thoughtful and provocative interface and interaction designers working in the field."[13] He is recognized for his collaborative approaches to creating easy-to-use technology and engaging digital media.[14]


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