Eric Arthur Sodtke (born May 2, 1902 in Toruń (Thorn) – died October 31, 1992 in Friedberg) was a German engineer and political activist.

Until 1920, Sodtke worked as an engineer for the electric tramway in Thorn.

Before World War I, Sodtke was a prominent member of the German intelligentsia in the portion of Poland that was part of the Prussian partition. He was active in social and cultural organizations, including the youth movement. At the end of the war, between 1918 and 1920 he became politically involved and advocated for the remaining of Pomerelia (Western Prussia) to the German Empire. In 1920 he optioned for the Germany and had to leave his home town which was now part of the new build Polish state. He went over Piła (Schneidemühl) to the Berlin.

In 1922, Sodtke worked out the first plan for the electrification of Western Pomerania.

After graduating at the engineering school at Mittweida (Saxony) Ing grad Sodtke worked as an engineer for the electricity plant in Massow, Pomerania, and during World War II in the electric machine laboratory and in the construction department, in Berlin.

After World War II, he lived as a refugee in Schwerin, in the new build GDR. During the Stalinist era, Sodtke was removed from any position which would have a direct effect on the development of Eastern German power engineering industry.

In 1956, Eric Arthur Sodtke escaped over West Berlin to Friedberg (Hesse) in the Federal Republic of Germany where he lived until he died on October 31, 1992. He was buried in the Friedberg (Hesse) cemetery.

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