Enslavement of Beauty is a symphonic black metal band from Norway. Enslavement of Beauty was formed in January 1995 by Ole Alexander Myrholt (vocals & lyrics) and Tony Eugene Tunheim (guitars & composing). The band spent the subsequent years composing and recording material and thereby developed their expression. In the summer of 1998, Enslavement of Beauty recorded the demo CD "Devilry & Temptation" which gained them a deal with Head Not Found/Voices of Wonder. This resulted in the 1999 release "Traces O' Red" which received very positive response. In November 2000, the beauticians headed back to the studio to record their second album, "Megalomania", accompanied by drummer Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar/Spiral Architect) and bass player Hans-Aage Holmen. In 2007 the third album, "Mere Contemplations" has been successfully released with the I.N.R.I. Unlimited label. Musically the band still sounds very melodic and deeply inspired by classical music but with a sharper metal edge and a truly hell-bent rock 'n' roll attitude. Lyrically Enslavement of Beauty is more direct approach but still highly influenced by the poetic beauty of William Shakespeare and Marquis De Sade's works.

Music Style

The band combines synthesized instruments with guitars and a somewhat throaty black-metal vocal. The instrumentalizations are very orchestral, rich, and intense. The lyrics are usually concerned with sex and love and generally consist of a very rapid and angry/sad rhyming poetry. The poetry is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare and the Marquis de Sade.


1998 - Devilry and Temptation

All music by Tony Eugene Tunheim. Lyrics by Ole Alexander Myrholt, except for "Sonnet #CXLIV" by William Shakespeare.

Track listing

  1. The Masquerade of Rhapsody - 3:33
  2. Colleen - 1:54
  3. Sonnet #CXLIV - 4:26
  4. And to Temptation's Darkness Forever Abide - 5:59
  5. Scarlet - 3:38

Length 20:00


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