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Original Article

 English Krumpet is a famous ourWorld player video taper. She has also starred in many movies like, funny fight, ourWorld 

wedding disatser, I ROBOT idk what really happened, and many more. English Krumpet has been booted from some parties, but many

don't know she is famous. She is also a website designer, and a music video producer. English Krumpet did start off as a n00b,

but rised to fame by starring in videos. English Krumpet says, 'There's nothing more to life than actually starring in movies

in ourWorld life." She is currently a tourist, but looking forward to becoming a Resident or Zoes Club. She will also start

modeling very soon, and may become a fashion designer as she is entering Niccolos Ultimate Summer contest. "She is much rather

sweet, much like fruit." says local ourWorlders and some eye witnessed friends of hers. "I'm not going to leave ourWorld yet,

not until I reach my goal. To be level 100." She is currently level 33 and a tourist once again. "Feel free to stop by, I

might even tell you some unknown cheats or gift you, only if your nice."

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