Enbrightenment is a new religious neoglism based on the personal spiritual revelations and collected non-fiction writings of founding teacher Jared J. Kimble. It brings together aspects of Christianity with the Vedanta and Buddhist influenced religion of Adidam via Kimble's own revealing of the Spiritual Cross, a reference to the esoteric anatomy of consciousness [1]. It was founded July 22, 2002, the day Kimble claims the Full Realization of Truth and God was manifested through him. [2].

The path of Enbrightenment discusses a specific realization of consciousness in relationship to the body and its esoteric anatomy. The practice also uses the word Enbrightenment as a synonym for the sum total of Self Realization and the process of whole bodily realization. The title of the practice finds its root in the teachings of spiritual teacher Avatar Adi Da, founder of Adidam, who used the word Bright to describe his self-revealed Divine condition, as discussed in his autobiography The Knee Of Listening. Kimble is not a formal devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. The use of the word bright in the name of the movement aims to remove the baggage often associated with the word enlightenment.

Other uses of the word Enbright, Enbrighten and Enbrightenment

The word enbrightenment has been used in other ways by entities not related to the religious tradition of Jared J. Kimble. It is often used to describe the illumination of an area. It is also used to describe a feeling of happiness and catalyzing some kind of euphoria. Aveda skin care uses the term in their makeup line and it is also a sunscreen product name. There is also a website that uses the world Enbrighten claiming it to be a new age for humanity, but unrelated to the work of Kimble [3].

Jared J. Kimble's 2002 use of it to describe his new religious path has been thought to be the first web publishing of the term. [4]. The first book using the word enbrightenment was published in 2004 [5].

Teachings of Enbrightenment

There are two principle teachings within Enbrightenment, as outlined in the associated texts by Jared J. Kimble. The first says spiritual practice (sadhana) requires at least a Faith based Realization of our True Self found in God Only, and this Realization Is Always Freely Available to All right Now (without at least a Faith based Realization of Self there is No real spiritual growth or awakening), and this is supported by an (intellectual) acknowledgment that there Is Only One True Identity of Reality and It Is God’s – The Only Presence that fundamentally, solely and eternally exists. The Self realized in the beginning is the Same Self bodily Realized through the process of Enbrightenment.

The second teaching says that the body progressively realizes the wholeness of the Spiritual Cross (esoteric anatomy of consciousness discovered in the midst of the human condition), and that bodily conscious process involves God capitulating (making the body/mind Its Own – Living in God’s Will Perfectly in All moments of existence) All forms of bodily consciousness unto a Single Source of Consciousness.

This entire process of God Realization is called Enbrightenment. The anatomical structure of consciousness that manifests within and through the body/mind during the Process of Enbrightenment is called the Spiritual Cross. The total Awakening and Realization of the Spiritual Cross is correlated with the entire Process of Enbrightenment.

Enbrightenment is an integral spiritual tradition that understands the Real connections and correlations of True God found in all traditions, and those unifying qualities, found in all genuine spiritual traditions, are the focus of the dialog between Enbrightenment and any other spiritual tradition on Earth. Enbrightenment does not claim it's path as the only exclusive way, but it is a genuine spiritual tradition offering a Full revelation of Complete God Realization. No one has to convert or become a devotee of Enbrightenment, instead, a follower is only asked to take from Enbrightenment what works. This tradition does not force itself or set up reasons for believing in it based on fear, threats and/or eternal hell. Enbrightenment is a Light shining through the darkness of ego. [6]

In 2012 the new tradition of Enbrightenment became an umbrella term for the flagship spiritual tradition of Enbrightenment, and a secondary sub tradition devoted to Jesus Christ called Christ Enbrightenment.

Iconic Imagery for Enbrightenment

Jared J. Kimble also created an iconic image of Enbrightenment. The link below is the original version of the iconic image made in early 2003.

Iconic Image Spiritual Cross

Three Primary Practices

1: Always remember your True Nature in God, and never let the flesh/soul forget. 2: Practice love and compassion in all your relationships, including animals, along with things and places. 3: Right-breathing means breathing through the nose, and use the breath (through the nose) to be the living current of peace and calmness in all experiences, moment to moment. [7]


The individual practicing Enbrightenment's Heart~Fire 'Vision~Inquiry' of the Guru is Seeing (or learning to See) the Guru as their very own Self, and through the True Heart 'Vision~Inquiry' the devotee's (of Enbrightenment) body/mind is purged of the egoic conscious living experience in every part of the flesh and mind, through and through.

The 'Vision~Inquiry' of Enbrightenment is the Highest form of Spiritual practice, it is the most direct form of Spiritual practice (in Enbrightenment), and the 'Vision~Inquiry' is something that anyone can practice regardless of how advanced or how immature.

'Vision~Inquiry' always leads to Heart~Fire Communion, and that Commune-ication is beyond language and forms of media, that Commune-ication perpetually reveals the 'Living Transcendent Realm of God'.[8]

Books of Enbrightenment

As of 2012 there are five books outlining the path of Enbrightenment. 'The Resurrection Testament' is the manifesto of Enbrightenment and Christ Enbrightenment, it is the Spiritual Testament of Jared J. Kimble, and consists of four books in a series under that umbrella title. The two primary books of Enbrightenment are sub-titled 'Tower of Babblon' (2010) and 'The Ocean' (2011), and the two primary books of Christ Enbrightenment are sub titled 'Enbrightenment of Christ' (2010) and 'Fires of Transfiguration' (2011).

The fifth book is called 'Open Heart' (2012), and it is the first book published outside of 'The Resurrection Testament' under the Enbrightenment Commentary series started in 2012.[9].

All books of Enbrightenment are available for reading for free at the central Enbrightementment website. Enbrightenment Press is the official publisher of all books concerning Enbrightenment. Currently no books related to Enbrightenment have been written by any outside authors.

Guru/Lineage of Enbrightenment

Jared J. Kimble is the founder/central realizer and lineage holder (Guru) of Enbrightenment and also goes under the names of 'Babblon', 'Achala~Da Fire' and Siddha Buddha. Enbrightenment will continue as a spiritual tradition after the physical death of Jared J. Kimble by passing on the lineage of the head/abbot of both spiritual traditions (Enbrightenment and Christ Enbrightenment, and Enbrightenment overall) to another person.

Places of Enbrightenment

There are currently no practicing communities currently under the name Enbrightenment authorized by Jared J. Kimble.

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