Emma and Madeline

Emma and Madeline are two funky girls that make youtube videos.

Nashville, where our hearts belong04:12

Nashville, where our hearts belong. ♥

Emma is 14 years old, born May 12, 1998. She has one older sibling, Ridge, who is 18. Emma is the shyest of the two that doesn't come out of her shell until you get to know her. Her favorite color is yellow, and likes to listen to One Direction. Niall is her obsession.

Madeline is 13 years old, born September 5, 1998. She has one younger sibling, Jalen, who is 10. Madeline is more of the outgoing, daredevil. Her favorite color is pink, and loves Justin Bieber. Fun fact: she has 4 cardboard cutouts of Justin in her room.
Get to know us )08:45

Get to know us )

Emma and Madeline met at church when they were 3. They strengthened there friendship over the years being in the same preschool, and same elementary school, and same middle school. They will both be attending High School next year. Their youtube channel was launched January 28, 2012, where they started making random videos and getting many hits. Many people have grown to know Emma and Madeline for there personalties that has been shown on each and every video. They are both very humorous and laugh at anything if not everything. They have many friends that star in the videos with them, Wilson Love and Annie Wilcher for example. Their most viewed video is the remix to Justin Biebers, Call Me Maybe.

Emma and Madeline's youtube channel name : YourUniqueSwag

I hear they have a lot of funny videos in store. Check them out!

To contact, Madeline's twitter: @madelinehaston and Emma's twitter: @emmareynolds13.

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