Emaze102 is a YouTube channel. It was created in June of 2011 by Billy Schwegler and Connal Daly. The Core team currently consists of Billy Schwegler, Connal Daly, Amelia Hemphill, and Maya Daly.


Comedy is one of the main features of the channel. Their most popular comedy series is "THE CRAZY SERIES!" which was created due to the amount of views their most recent movie recieved (THE CRAZY MOVIE!). Their second most popular series is something that they like to call "The Superheroes Series (2011)" The series is about an 11 year old child named John Peck who thinks he is a Superhero, but then is only to get shot down when two burgurlars kidnap his mother and sister, Hayley Peck. They then go on a wild journey to catch one of the robbers, Jeremy Pickler.


The channel includes gameplay of two online multiplayer games, ROBLOX and Wizard101. They do not spend a lot of time showing gameplay on this channel because the channel is mostly Comedy ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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